About us

We strengthen execution where strategy meet people

By combining best practices, research collaborations and practical experience, we can help exceed your ability to execute. This goes for public organisations as well as private companies.


We will help businesses and organisations where it hurts the most; converting strategies and plans into actual action and measurable results

The way we do this is through consulting, staffing and evolving competences.
The course we have chosen to pursue commits us to only hire the best, and to deliver our absolute best for our clients within our area of expertise.
What this means is that we have an eternal strive to be the most relevant choice for current and potential clients, business partners and employees.

Peak Consulting Group

Peak will help you and your organisation with reaching your goal through consulting services and developing competences within project management.

We build our effort on integrity, competencies and engagement – which means that we challenge you on your goals as well as the road to reach that goal. Take a look below, and learn more about Peak:

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Make Your Career at Peak

Peak furthers your unique talent and interests.

Together we will align your ambitions and Peaks visons to match perfectly. This is an effort that we continuously follow up on.

In our approach we focus on change and the following realisation of benefits.

Integrity, competencies and engagement – delivered without compromise;

We firmly believe that we can create results without jeopardising our values. Many take this for granted, but to us it is our core foundation and it is incorporated in the way we deliver, act and ensure quality in our work.

Results and Benefits Must be Enduring;

We measure our success by looking at the results and benefits that we create for our clients. The Successes must be able to stand alone and be enduring, also after our consultant or team has finished the project.

We Listen and Challenge with Respect for our Clients’ Business and its Employees:

We listen to what our client wishes to achieve, we analyse where the client is today, and we enter a dialogue concerning how we can help bring the client to its goal. We do this based on the current maturity level of the project organisation, the readiness of the client when it comes to change and with respect for those managers and employees that we will be working with.

Our Foundation is Built on Extensive Practical Experience, Best Management Practices and Active Research

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