Working at Peak

Peak can help you to become better because our company consists of talented people. An essential aspect for us is our people. We strive to make sure that the client experiences a down-to-earth partner, who listens and is present, and that is our strength in a nutshell.

Even though, you will have you daily work-life amongst our clients, you are still an integrated part of Peak. We often have multiple consultants at the same client – just helping on different projects. There is always a close dialogue between you and your manager, and we share knowledge and work together across Peak with other colleagues. Moreover, we love getting together for social events, and do it often.

We are a senior-heavy business, when it comes to our experience in the field. Every employee has at least 10 years of experience within their area of expertise. This is reflected in the noticeable joy and excitement of working with the areas that we do as well as a strong disposition for working together and sharing knowledge. The fact that we have such extensive expertise also has a positive influence on the interesting clients that we get to work with as well as the gravity of the projects that we get.

This is absolutely a contributing factor to our consultants wanting to stay at Peak for a very long time.

But What do our Employees Say?

Don’t just take our word for. We asked two of our management consultants to tell us about their experience of working at Peak. This is what they had to say:

Hans Heldbo
Has worked at Peak since 2012
Project Manager and responsible for Peak’s risk management service
Has been a consultant in both the private business sector and public sector

It’s fun to be a consultant, but also demanding because you are the product being sold to the client. You therefore have to be sharp all the time, and this is where it is an advantage to work at Peak, where they take good care of you. There is a focus on making sure that your private life and your work ambitions go hand in hand, and you never ask in vain, when you need help. Peak is a human-driven place to work. Quite simply a proper and honourable place. You are never alone.

Dorthe Jensen
Has been working at Peak since the beginning of 2017
Management consultant
Has primarily worked as a consultant in the public sector but has also been a consultant in the private sector.

Peak is characterised by having a tremendous faith in that you can do the job. And we do not have to worry about securing additional sales, and this creates an enormous amount of credibility and trustworthiness with the client. I have been with consulting firms with specific sales qoutas and this just served as an additional stress factor. The ability to solely focus on the task at hand is unique and awesome. It’s exceptional and goes hand in hand with Peak’s core story of being a place with high integrity.