Acquisition of armoured patrol vehicles for the Danish soldiers

Acquisition of armoured patrol vehicles for the Danish soldiers

The Danish Ministry of Defence Acquisition and Logistic Organisation is a part of the Danish defence. The agency's main task is to ensure that the necessary material capabilities are available to secure ongoing operations. This involves acquiring new equipment, which takes place through procurement and acquisitions on framework agreements.


DALO needed project support

DALO was to acquire armoured patrol vehicles, a complicated process involving many different actors.

Therefore, DALO wanted assistance in accomplishing the project as the organisation did not have ready-to-run project managers available. The task involved the management and implementation of the project, and Peak’s consultant was therefore hired as a project manager.

Peaks approach:

DALO’s key goal for the project was time – the faster, the better – and Peak’s consultant assisted DALO in achieving this goal. More specifically, this involved creating an overview and managing the process. In other words, you must know who the stakeholders are and what resources are available. At the same time, it is crucial to get the right specialists on board and to ensure dialogue with the right actors at the right times.

The management of the acquisition project took place in close cooperation with the steering committee chairman and the rest of the steering committee. Also, dialogue with other stakeholders was essential to ensure that the right decisions were made at the correct times. Simultaneously, the project was based on the requirement that it should follow the PRINCE2 methodology in terms of governance. It was adapted to the reality and the situation in which DALO found itself. In addition, the construction of the new operating structure and the transfer to the user were an important aspect, so that DALO could manage the project itself and operate subsequently.

What difference did it make to the customer?

The cooperation between the consultant and the various participants in the project has strengthened how DALO executes projects – also in the future.

The tender has been sent so that the Danish Defence can obtain the right armoured patrol vehicles and thus strengthen its military efforts. Furthermore, we have been able to foster dialogue and trust throughout the process, which has led to decisions being made on time.

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