Agile project management in STAR

Agile project management in STAR

What do you do when you are behind one of the biggest IT scandals in Danish history, but still have to deliver heavy digital solutions in a highly regulated field with a sea of stakeholders?

Arbejdsmarked rekruttering

The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment chose to develop a ground-breaking, agile delivery model.

This choice has made technical challenges more manageable, but the management challenges, on the other hand, have grown.

The public sector in Denmark is among the most digitalised in the world with solutions that give citizens access to everything on the internet from name changes to the kindergarten waiting list. The flip side is that IT systems become very large.

STAR is responsible for creating digital solutions that connect job centres, unemployment insurance funds (A-kasse), municipalities, and the other parties in the employment field.

Agile project management

A complex area that requires complex workflows, but not necessarily all-inclusive IT systems.
“STAR has dropped the illusion that one IT system can accommodate this whole field”, says Jannik Sørensen from Peak Consulting Group, who is helping develop the project management behind the new model.
Overall, the Agency has moved away from creating standalone solutions and the agile project management, which will then subsequently be bound together in a death star of integrations, as Jannik Sørensen puts it.
Read the full story in the publication “No Death Stars in STAR City”.

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