Experian is a global leader in providing information, analytical tools and marketing services to organizations and consumers to help manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions. Experian Northern Europe is present in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia states with headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the spring of 2007 Experian Norway had a large backlog of client specific applications that needed to be delivered and they considered they required external assistance in order to be able to provide timely deliveries to Experians Norwegian clients.

The development department had committed 2 full-time developers to client-specific development and support for sales to deliver customised solutions to large accounts.

At the time of this assignment the Norwegian labour market was devoid of development resources and off-shoring of SW development was not yet custom in the Scandinavian region.

Peak Consulting Group and CodeConnexion established an off-shored team that delivered customised solution to large Experian accounts

Peak Consulting Group (Peak) and CodeConnexion (CC) set up a joint team consisting of two developers from Columbo, Sri Lanka and a technical project manager from Peak on site in Oslo to deliver this backlog of client-specific solutions.

The team worked on-site the first 3 months of the assignment and offsite in Colombo the last 3 months.

  • Developed a process to enable time-efficient management of development, testing and deployment efforts. Status on development was reported weekly to management.
  • Specification and estimation of development efforts for new client specific solutions in collaboration with sales force and product management.
  • Development, testing and deployment of 20 client specific solutions consisting of web-applications, data cleansing, web-services, credit-rating, decision-threes, logging and reporting.
  • The 20 applications were delivered with only a 7% deviation from the estimated efforts.
The Peak/CC team enabled Experian to deliver timely costefficient customised solutions to large Experian clients despite a lack of own development resources

The Peak/CC off-shoring team delivered a better quality of software and had a better business understanding than external developers used in the past. The total cost of delivery was also approx. 25% lower – all inclusive (per diem, accomodation and travel costs included).

This was possible due to the following key capabilities of the Peak/CC team:

  • Experienced people with the correct mix of businessunderstanding, analysis capabilities, software engineering, development experience and technological understanding.
  • Rapid understanding of the “Experian way” of working: People, processes and systems enabled smooth collaboration when developers were back in Sri Lanka.
  • Common understanding of what is required for a good systems specification for a solution to be developed.
  • Pragmatic management process providing control by focusing on the most essential deliverables to enable developers maximum time on development and testing.
  • Project management experience with off-shore development projects and a understanding of the local culture and language.
  • The largest benefits were that my organisation did not need to worry about the tasks that was assigned to the Sri Lanka team.

    Jan Tore Dannemark, IT Director

    Experian Norway