Optimization of the Danish Defence’s supply chain

Optimization of the Danish Defence’s supply chain

In 2015, the Danish Defence wanted to launch a programme to create an overview and optimise the main processes of material flow in the supply chain across five agencies in the Ministry of Defence corporation.


One of Denmark's most complex public institutions

The Danish Defence is one of Denmark’s most complex public institutions and solves tasks in Denmark, in the Danish Commonwealth and on international missions.

The company’s duties and competencies vary widely, and it is essential that the necessary equipment and materials are available for the respective tasks in all situations. This applies to everything from office supplies, tools and equipment to cars, aircraft and ships, and spare parts for these.

Peaks approach

The task has so far run over three years and is estimated to last a total of five years. So far, the main functions are to advise and assist the programme manager in managing the programme office, facilitating cooperation with the change agents (representatives from five agencies), and carrying out concrete control and management tasks. Specifically, Peak’s consultants have helped establish the entire management structure in the program, implemented management methods and processes, and managed the ongoing maintenance and adaptation of governance in the program.

Peak’s approach is to follow best practice from PRINCE 2 and MSP, adapted to the Danish Defence’s situation and reality. In other words, Peak embraces the theory but scales and adapts to reality.

Results and optimisation

The preliminary results show that there is generally increased knowledge in the corporation about material flow and supply chain challenges.

Delivery times are optimised, several system support services have been implemented, and many employees are involved in applying the new solutions. Moreover, there has been a significant boost overall in programme management and management skills, both in the programme and in the programme environment. The programme’s governance has inspired several other programmes also established in The Danish Defence.

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