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Organisational implementation of a PPM system

Peak has helped Copenhagen Airports to introduce a new IT system for portfolio management. Following the technical implementation, an organizational effort followed, so that people actually began to use the system.

What was the problem that should be solved?

Copenhagen Airports (CPH) holds a large project department, which keeps track of approximately 100 active projects across the organization at all times. It’s all about extending landing lanes for the refurbishment of tax free shops. To enhance the overview of ongoing and upcoming efforts, the project department introduced a new portfolio management system with the help of Peak. However, a system is not worth more than the information that is being entered into it. Therefore, management’s ability to form an overview of the portfolio was dependent on the use of the system by more than 50 project managers.

Peaks approach to the assignment

For a long period, CPH’s project department has focused on the importance of change management, and both executives and employees have been introduced to Proscis change management framework. But general understanding of the importance of good change is never enough in itself. It was emphasized that half of project managers did not update their projects in the new portfolio management system immediately after the system was put into the lake.
After the technical implementation, Peak therefore helped with the human being of the change it is in taking a new system into use. The initiative was based on the ADKAR model, which outlines five steps in an appropriate change process. However, best practice approaches must be adapted to a low-practical reality, and therefore, Peak, together with management, organized a groundnut process with the following activities:

  • Internal voting in the management team on the use of the system and messages to the employee group
  • Clear announcements about goals and expectations and what’s in it for me to the employees from the top manager
  • Clear use of data in everyday life, so the value became aware of the employees
  • Feedback to employees on their input – among other things, by sharing an overall report that had previously been reserved for the management team
  • Development of PPM Playbook – a manual in pixibogs format
  • Quick management follow-up by deviation from workflows

What difference did it make for the customer?

Compliance with the system increased over two months from about 50 to over 95 percent and has been on the level since.