Energi Denmark

A major energy company with a growing presence on the European energy market.


The situation

The client is a major energy company with a growing presence on the European energy market.

The client is in the process of renewing the way business around trading energy commodities. This is spearheaded by a multi-year implementation of a new energy trading platform. This implementation is run under a Programme containing a number of underlying and related projects. Keeping up-to-date on project and programme status is vital for the management and success of the programme. The Programme management is being adapted to MSP™ and P3O® principles. P3O® principles are also being feed back to the Project Portfolio Management Office.

A key issue in the governance was getting up-to-date overview on the status of the projects – risks, issues, budgets vs actuals, time, resources etc. This was a major effort and time consuming task in order to fragmented and misaligned information, requiring alot of manual collection, alignment and aggregation of information in order to produce an overview on a regular basis.

The individual projects updated their own statuses on a regular basis – some parts in isolated spreadsheets, lists etc, other in a integrated project management tool, but there were no automatic way to produce a complete portfolio overview for the on-going work.

This created manual work and lead time to produce overview at the programme level everytime a programme status was needed. Whenever the programme overview were manually assemblied, the provided information from the projects were already out-of-date.

Peak Consulting Group performed a governance gap analysis in order to ensure solid and consistent information and provide a consistent overview leading to transparcency and visibility

The strategic collaboration tool within the energy company was already selected as Microsoft SharePoint. The individual projects also already reported status using Sharepoint combined with Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Solution tools such as Project Server and Portfolio Server. On portfolio level a highlevel report was generated for all running projects in the specific division. However risks, issues and financial followup was not reported in a consistent way.

Peak Consulting Group started by identifying present information/ reports and how they could be restructured/filtered to ensure only relevant information was extracted. Second consistent and standardized (following MSP) listes were defined on all governance levels for handling risks and issues – allowing to benchmarking and aggregation. Finally a burnchart was defined for financial followup – comparing budgets, actual and calculating forecasted expenditure in both figures and easy-to-read graphs.

Once a solid and consistent data foundation was secured Peak Consulting Group (Peak) built a Programme dashboard within the Sharepoint environment which aggregates status information from the underlying projects – all on one collective web page.

Peak assemblied and configured a number of SharePoint built-in Business Intelligence web parts to produce overview and drill-down report capabilities cost and status.

A number of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) were setup on key areas such as risks, issues, to provide instant status overview via “traffic-lights” (green, yellow, red) re-using limits and definitions from the clients project management model.

Finally was the financial follow-up included as automatic updated graphs based on Excel to show the burn-down cost compared to budget on a pr. project bases as well as overall Programme comparison in order to provide the full overview for the tranche (Business release).

What We Did
  • Peak helped identifying present information/ reports.
  • Peak helped identifying present information could be restructured/filtered to ensure only relevant information was extracted.
  • Peak helped setup consistent and standardized (following MSP™) listes on all governance levels for handling risks and issues.
  • Peak helped define and implement burn-down charts in Excel for financial follow-up· Peak helped identifying/specifying KPI’s.
  • Peak setup and configured the Dashboard for status information aggregation combining all above elements to get the overview – inspired by P3O®.
The result

With the new Dashboad the needed status information for the Programme and all the underlying projects are instantly available with the current and most up-to-date information.

There is no longer a need for manually requesting and copy-pasting status information from a large number of projects into a report as the information is readily available in one common page.

Aside from this time saving benefit the Dashboard also serves as a great communication tool, as all management (incl. Steering Committee members), project and programme members now have instant access to the same information. The biggest benefit is that the Programme Office and Programme Management now has a single consistent and up-to-date picture of the status allowing for precise communication up-wards and timely and precise response down-wards.