Testing software robots in the Danish Defence

software robots in the Danish Defense?

Testing software robots in the Danish Defence

How do you introduce a new type of manpower consisting of software robots in the administrative service processes in the Danish Defense?
Project Description

As the first of the Danish Ministry of Defense’s agencies, the Personnel Agency was selected to test and put the use of software robots into operation in the group.

Attention was directed towards the administrative service processes where the aim was to increase the performance of the processes and focus on data quality in the core systems.

Deliveries included implementation of three software robots who should each manage an administrative sub process. The new technology gave rise to many thoughts in the various employee groups and for exactly this reason, change management was a central issue in relation to the success of the project.

Peak’s Approach

Peak’s consultant structured the project organization, including the composition of the steering group, and brought focus on project method and change management. En route, information meetings and roadshows were conducted to enter into dialogue with various parts of the organization. The project method was based on agility and Lean Six Sigma.

Peak’s consultant served as a professional and prepared the method and governance which is used in the Danish Defense today. In addition to this, the consultant served as a sparring partner with central stakeholders in the Defense organization.

The Result

The project succeeded in introducing software robots in the administrative service processes in the Personnel Agency. Furthermore, the project developed a method and governance for implementing software robots.

Overall, the result is that today the Danish Defense has put the technology and the method at the disposal of the entire group and is therefore working on establishing a Robotic Operational Center which is to support the future work with software robots in the group.

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