Vattenfall is ready to manage projects with a steady hand

Vattenfall is ready to manage projects with a steady hand

A unique project management model and training in Denmark of project managers from different countries have positioned the IT part of the energy company Vattenfall to implement major projects faster and with greater predictability.


Vattenfall is an international energy company with operations in Scandinavia and Europe, is owned by the Swedish state, and has a total of 31,262 employees including 450 in Denmark, where Vattenfall owns and operates two power plants and a number of wind farms and serves as a wholesale company in energy trading.


Vattenfall IT regularly conducts many different types of projects. Successful project implementation is crucial to the profitability for energy companies, which in general is facing numerous challenges and development possibilities in the years to come.


Vattenfall has their own Project Management model to ensure a good basis to implement projects including:

  • Uniformity and predictability of project deliverables and project methodology.
  • A true basis for comparisons and decision making for continuous evaluating across the project portfolio.
  • Rapid on-boarding of internal project people, new staff, and external project managers.

In order to achieve a uniform project culture in high class at Vattenfall, which can get more projects faster through the system, Peak Consulting Group in Denmark has the last three years trained and certified Vattenfall IT’s project managers from Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, and Poland, following the IPMA (International Project Management Association) standards. The training has taken place in Copenhagen and been managed by experienced project managers who have flavoured the teaching with examples from a long professional project manager career.


The common project management training has led to a better personal network among Vattenfall’s project people, increased knowledge sharing, and formed a greater uniformity in how to work with projects. This has facilitated collaboration across projects, business units, and countries in the Vattenfall IT.

About Peak Consulting Group:

Peak Consulting Group stands behind one third of all IPMA certifications in Denmark. Peak Consulting Group has 45 permanent employees and staff consultants, who serve as teachers, advisors, and executing project consultants.

About IPMA:

In comparison with other project management certifications, IPMA does not offer a fixed process based approach to project management, but emphasizes more on bringing a broader understanding of the field and offers a larger width for choice of project methods and tools available. Furthermore, it is more focused on project leadership rather than detailed planning of projects, which makes IPMA certification and training widely applicable in Vattenfall and many other companies.

  • In the process of maturing Vattenfall organization to effectively execute future large and small projects , it has been crucial to have a partner like Peak Consulting Group, as they operate across borders and offer teachers who are themselves experienced, professional project managers, who have tried large projects themselves.

    Jan Hjelm