Change Management

Change Management and process

A classic project focuses primarily on technical deliveries and the final product.

However, this may be at the expense of the change process that is necessary for managers, employees, and customer to use the deliveries on time at a satisfactorily high level. In other words, the process to ensure the final products success. 

What is Change Management?

Change Management or ITIL change management is about helping an individual or a group of employees from one situation to the desired situation.

It is often seen in connection with implementing new and updated IT-systems, changed workflows or mergers.

Change Management is used to anticipate the possible challenges for employees that may arise when you are about to use a new IT system or transitioning to a new workflow.

Many employees experience frustration when it comes to learning new workflows. This may be because management forgets to focus on the following change elements: 

Why Change Management is important

It is a high price to pay if you underestimate the change process’s management and need change management in your projects. 

Both employees and managers who either do not understand the change or are directly opposed to it can become big opponents and, at worst, pull down the project’s results. 

Therefore, you must focus on Change Management and change communication for employees when the need for organisational change arises. This means that management must prepare employees for the change with the right communication tools and deal with the pains and doubts that may arise in the process. 

This means that the companies must select some key personnel to help implement the change an act as communicators and ambassadors for the rest of the organisation. This makes it easier to integrate change and make room for the initiative among the employees. 


Change Management at Peak

At Peak, we help companies and organisation bring about real change.

This work is based on our broad experience base from the largest Danish companies and best practice in the field. We also help prepare their employees appropriately to be able to act optimally in the new reality that changes bring. 

We can help your organisation clarify roles and responsibilities, develop a change communication plan and build on your change supporting activities. In this way, you can achieve a much better success rate and realise the business case. 

We assess your unique conditions and challenges. Together, we identify relevant actions that strengthen your approach to ensuring effective change, whether concerning each change project/program or the business overall ability to implement new things. 

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