Maturity Assessment and Governance

Maturity Assessment and Governance

Are you in need of knowing how you adjust the way you use best practice, so that it is tailored to your exact needs?

The first significant step in strengthening the delivery organisation will typically be to upgrade selected employees with a certification. However, more than just newly certified employees are necessary to ensure better control in the delivery organisation and integration in the line organisation.

The typical challenges are:

Strenghten the organisation

Strengthening the line- and delivery organisation concerning project execution must be based on the composition of competencies within and elements from various best practices that support the requirements and complexity of your organisation.

By assessing your organisation’s characteristics and the complexities existing within your line- and delivery organisation, you can begin to identify the best practices and/or elements from that that bring the most value to your business, i.e., by strengthening your line- and delivery organisation during project execution.

We start where you and your organisation are.

When Peak helps organisations select and implement the combination of best practices, that is ideal for your organisation.

We take into account the organisation’s situation, experience, and maturity. Therefore, you get practical and pragmatic tools to help you here and now. This can additionally be developed further, as your maturity increases.

Whether you want to optimise existing templates or need to rethink the use of best practices, Peak provides consulting on what adds the most value for your organisation, and how to get you started.

Gain insight into the principles of self-driving teams and Fit-for-Purpose deliveries to better manage time-critical and complex deliveries.

Jens Christensen, Responsible for Agile Project Management at Peak

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