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An IPMA project management certification is a demanding and enriching certification that allows you, as a project manager, to undergo a process of reflection.

During the process, it is a criterion that you consider and evaluate your own competencies with regards to management, methods and experiences. Therefore, it is a good idea to have a certain knowledge about some of the basic project management tools.

Usually, several of our participants are already familiar with various kinds of management tools that they use when working with projects, both as leaders and as participants. These methods and tools are often taught through practical training from a colleague to another or through internal courses. This means that the participants will often have a solid practical application experience in using specific tools and models.

During our programme, we help link these methods and tools to IPMA and to identify the participants’ individual lacks and to uncover other methods and tools that they could use with great advantage.

Project Management Course

Peak’s Project Management programme is designed for participants to gain insight and practice in the methods while achieving a greater understanding of the managerial approach that a project manager must possess in order to succeed with projects. The course contains a high degree of participation and exchange of experience between the participants and teachers.

In addition, the course includes a number of discussion sessions to provide the participants with a possibility to receive inspiration and sparring in completing the IPMA application and the self-evaluation as well as to being prepared for the written exam.

Peak’s Project Management training is one of the few in Denmark to be accredited by IPMA, which means that the teaching resources have been verified and screened by IPMA.

Our IPMA training programme is adjusted to the dates for the IPMA certifications, ensuring a good correlation between the deadlines and activities planned by IPMA and Peak’s education activities and sessions.

An IPMA certification is a comprehensive and demanding certification and it is therefore important that the participants do have the necessary time and motivation to immerse themselves in the process. This means that you must be able to devote the required amount of time to solve the given tasks and read the literature as well as to attend the course and fill out the IPMA applications documents.

An IPMA certification is all about insight and understanding as well as the ability to reflect as a good project manager.

  • Vær bevidst om modeller og processer, så de hjælper dig til at skabe fremdrift.

    Henrik Timm

    Fagansvarlig for Projekt- og Programledelse

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