Advisory- and Consulting Services

Strategic execution is the ability to complete and realise strategic results effectively.

Peak Consulting Group help top managers and middle managers in the private and public sector, with increasing their ability to prioritise and complete strategic projects. We do this through consulting, staffing and furthering your skillset.

We listen to the which goals our clients wish to reach, we analyse where the client is today and compile a sturdy plan that will help the client succeed and reach its goals. We do this based on the current maturity of the organization, its readiness for change and with respect for those managers and employees that we will be working with.

We help break down the strategy to tangible activities of action

To break a strategy down into tangible activities of action, being projects and portfolios that could concern everything from furthering skills to radical IT changes, is a complicated process.

Strategies that makes sense on paper and thus represent the silver lining for the company for years to come, is seldomly accompanied by a complete implementational plan for the upcoming years.

We help by providing an overview concerning a future blueprint for your organization, focus and prioritise the actions of change and in collaboration with you, we put together a masterplan for realising your strategy.

Alignment of the Strategy and the Maturity of the Project Organisation

What we see most often is that most strategies are developed with a focus on the external environment, the market and the competitive situation, unfortunately failing to account for the project organisations’ maturity, skills and readiness for change.

A maturity assessment covers both strengths and areas in need of development, and it can be conducted on a portfolio, program and/or project level. Besides the fact that a maturity assessment  gives an external and objective assessment of the current level, based on market standards, it also offers an opportunity for periodical measurements. This ensures progress and provides a way to justify potential investments in maturing the project organisation.