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Experts in IT sourcing

The IT market is developing rapidly, and the supplier field is constantly changing. Decisions around sourcing are becoming increasingly complex, and the choice between the many options can seem incalculable.

Peak Consulting Group can help you with an accelerated and pragmatic approach. We are experts in sourcing, and we have extensive experience in sourcing IT operations, development, maintenance, and software solutions that we know from both sides of the negotiating table. Our experienced consultants can help you from the initial considerations and completely to the new delivery is in operation. Recent tasks in sourcing consultancy have included

Sourcing strategy

How to best exploit the ever-increasing number of opportunities; how to manage the use of Public Cloud, and how to meet your organisation's need for fast delivery of new platforms, systems, etc.?

Contract Management

A portfolio of large contracts

A portfolio of large contracts and long-term deliveries often leads to the need for formalised and continuous management of contract deliveries, KPIs, technical and commercial adjustments, etc.

We can assist you in optimising this against a specific contract, and we can help you implement a formalised Contract management.

Supply - private and public

Thorough preparation is the foundation for successful sourcing for large solutions.

It is our experience that the preparation must also include the managerial anchoring of the plan and goals. A thorough identification of the market and a subsequent dialogue with selected players are often valuable for the supply process.

This applies to private customers, but public customers can also benefit from using the initial market dialogue, which is entirely in line with the Danish Competition Authority’s recommendations.

Agile procurement processes

Peak has developed an agile tendering process that in many situations, can reduce time and resource consumption in the procurement process for private offerings while ensuring the right solution and contract.

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Helle Roslev

Management consultant
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Sourcing on SKI

Help you quickly

We can help you quickly and efficiently through sourcing on the SKI 02.22 framework agreement, where you now have the possibility of full or partial outsourcing of IT operations, just as you can enter into an agreement on the use of data centre facilities. You can do this by direct assignment or through mini tenders. Peak has the experience and methods ready to help you, and we have already solved the first tasks on this innovative SKI agreement.

A 360-degree vision ensures a good course and good solutions.

We help you become a good customer so that you can create the opportunity to get a good delivery and ensure a fruitful cooperation with the supplier.

It is, among other things, about tolerance, competence, and attention! And then we have a preference for using the market – that is where you pick up your new solution or service.

We facilitate initial market dialogue, Request for Information and use flexible procurement methods to ensure maximum benefit by engaging in a dialogue with the market. Experience shows that this subsequently creates a better procurement process and results in a better solution and contract.

And that's what it's all about.

Health checks on existing contracts

Even large and essential contracts tend to gather dust on the shelf. Often there are gains to be made through a thorough inspection and a renegotiation with the supplier.