Next generation Digital post

Next Generation Digital Post

Should we help you achieve the next generation of Digital Post 

By August 2021, all public authorities using Digital Post should be able to receive the next generation of Digital Post, which entails technical and organisational change. This means that if you work in a public authority, you are either already in the middle of preparations or will soon be in the process of starting them. The responsibility for implementation lies with the individual authority – and this requires a thorough strategy for how you should approach it. Peak has previously helped authorities with digital transitions, and we are ready to advise you at all stages of the process.

Why is it important to work with the implementation?

Communication with citizens and businesses is a matter of trust.

Lost mail can have severe consequences for both citizen and authorities. When Digital Post became mandatory in 2013-14, the learning was that reorganisation and implementation were more extensive than expected and that employees had work a lot quicker to succeed.

Therefore, we recommend that you as an authority prioritise understanding, coordinating, and implementing the Next Generation Digital Post for the Agency of Digitisation’s deadline of August 2021.

In Peak, we can help you with every step of the implementation, from creating the overview and putting the strategy to achieving your project

What should you have ready by August 2021?
What should you have ready by August 2023?

Implementation requires overview and self-awareness 

The Danish Digitisation Agency has developed several competence support tools, guides and network forums, but it can be challenging to keep track of them. 

Not least because you, as an authority, must make the final decision about how to solve the task with you. A decision that ultimately depends on your specific situation and level of ambition. Peak’s consultants have extensive experience working with Digital Post in governmental departments. We understand how strategy and execution are adapted to the specific authority without compromising a secure implementation.

We have advised the following authorities already:

How can we help you? 

Whether it is organisational or technical implementation, Peak’s consultants can help with or manage the Next Generation of Digital Post.

Specifically, we can tackle the task based on 1, 2 or all of the following tasks and stages:

In cooperation with you, we analyse your situation through workshops and interviews. Following this, we recommend a choice of solution.

The analysis also involves a benefit-analysis, risk analysis and comprehensive mapping of your systems.

Mapping analysis

Together with one of your employees and through interviews with system owners, we identify and document: 

  • AS-IS privilege setup. 
  • AS-IS shipper systems 
  • AS-IS receiving systems 
  • AS-IS contact structure.
Project support

We advise and support your project manager/system manager with planning and implementing the transition. For example, it may be as: 

  • Liaison or task recipient for the Danish Digitiatison Agency.
  • Coordination between user groups and suppliers. 
Project management

We handle project management of your specific projects in the transition. This could for example be: 

  • Establishment of a receiving system 
  • End2end implementation of the MeMo format in concrete systems 
  • Supplier management 
  • Contract management 
  • Benefits realisation

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