Half Double Foundation in English

This course is only held in English as a company course. The open course will be in Danish – click here to see course dates.


Get quicker and greater gain in your projects.


Half Double Foundation is an intensive course which aims to provide you a basic understanding about Half Double as a method of managing projects or deliveries as well as enabling you to successfully pass the Half Double Foundation exam.


Learning objectives

• Learn and understand the details of the Half Double methodology.

• Get an understanding of the management style by using Half Double’s core elements.

• Pass the Half Double Foundation exam

• Build a solid knowledge foundation that you can later utilize to pass the Practitioner exam.


Course benefits

Participating in the Half Double Foundation course will provide you with detailed knowledge of the Half Double methodology. You will also gain an understanding about the three core elements, nine tools and local translation, which is central to running projects or deliveries according to this methodology. By passing the exam, you will obtain a Half Double Foundation certification.


Participant profile

The course is for those who want knowledge of the Half Double methodology and, either as an individual or organization, want an accelerated approach to completing projects/deliverables. This happens through a management approach, which combines tools and principles from the agile and classic project world. You are involved in projects or deliverables as for example a project manager, change manager, business consultant, coordinator or project employee.


Participants Requirements

The course focuses on a very active and visible leader role, where it would be a benefit if you have a reasonable understanding of project work and the use of classic or agile project management tools/methods.


Course Preparation

Approximately three weeks before course start, you will receive the Half Double

Compendium and a Case, which we recommend reading before the course.  


Course structure

The course is held as an intensive 3-day daytime course from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please note that evening work will be required during the course. As a participant, you are expected and encouraged to contribute actively during the course, which will alternate between individual reflections, group assignments and theoretical reviews. The theory is also examined in relation to practical examples. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practice on test exams.


Course Content

About Half Double

• Introduction to Half Double

• The three core elements

Core element: Impact

• Impact case and impact tracking

• Impact solution design

• Pulse check

Core element: Flow

• Co-location

• Visual planning

• Rhythm in key events

Core element: Leadership

• Active ownership behavior

• Collaborative leadership behavior

• Reflective and adaptive mindset

Half Double methodology’s other tools and approach

• Local translation

• Reflective map

Half Double Foundation exam preparation

• Visual summary of the methodology

• Review of typical exam questions, mapped against key areas of Half Double



The exam is a multiple choice-test, which you will take after the course at Half Double Institute. 


Trainer and language

Our trainers spend a large part of their time advising or assisting in project, program and portfolio management. They have a wide experience coupled with deep professional and theoretical ballast.

The open course is held in Danish but we can offer the course as a company course in English.


Price includes

• Half Double Pre-course workbook

• Comprehensive course materials useful as a reference guide after the course

• Half Double Foundation Certification

• Lunch, tea and coffee during the course.


Want to know more?

Contact us at 3526 2880 or kurser@peakconsulting.dk

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