Managing Benefits Foundation™ in English


Managing Benefits is an internationally recognized certification aligned with PRINCE2®, MSP® and other leading Best Management Practices.

Benefits are a key aspect of any project or programme as they are the very rationale for investing funds in change initiatives. This course provide project and programme managers, owners, and sponsors with guidance on principles, practices and techniques for going beyond the project or progamme deliverables into managing and realizing the desired benefit to support the strategy and objectives of an organization.

During the course, participants will be working with Best Practices for e.g. identification key benefits from portfolio to project level as well as the benefit management lifecycle.

Managing Benefits is carefully designed to complement existing Best Practice in portfolio, programme and project management such as PRINCE2®, MSP®, P3O® & MoP®. It explores benefit management in depth and consolidates existing experience and examples into one place, expanding on the specific practices and techniques aimed at optimizing benefits realization.

Purpose of the course
This course aims to give delegates a solid understanding of the principles, practices, techniques and organizational roles conducive to benefits management:


 Insight into the principles upon which successful approaches to benefits management are based
 Understanding of barriers to an effective Benefits Management practice and key success characteristics
 Knowledge of relevant techniques and their application
 Passing the Managing Benefits Foundation exam


Course benefits
This 3-day course providues you with a thorough understanding of benefits management, including:
 Professional competencies in benefits management
 Understanding of how benefit management can contribute to optimizing the portfolio
 Ability to forecast realistic benefits, produce business cases which address business issues and objectives
 Route map to adoption of more cost effective techniques and practices
 Insight into the creation of a structure to measure success and benefits

Participant profile
The target audience includes all those with a role in ensuring the realization of benefits in change initiatives. Senior change managers, strategic planners, project, programme & managers and P3O staff.

Participant prerequisites
Some experience or involvement in benefits, portfolio or programme management is recommended.

Course preparation
Approximately 20 hours of pre-course reading must be expected.

Course content
An overview of benefits management:
 Definitions, key concepts and techniques
 Reasons for doing benefits management
 Common misconceptions that limit effectiveness

Benefits management principles and practices
 Seven key principles of benefit management
 Five practices in the benefits management cycle
 Examples of applying the principles and practices
 Guidance on implementing principles and practices

Guidance on identifying and realizing benefits in practice
 Applying benefits management at portfolio level as well as individual project or programme level
 Outlining benefits to drive business objectives
 Approaches to implementing effective benefits man-agement practices and sustaining progress

The Managing Benefits Foundation Exam
40 minutes, 50 multiple-choice questions. No book or notes allowed. 25 marks or more required to pass (50%).

Training approach
The training changes between theoretical reviews, dialogue and exercises on applying tools and techniques.

Trainers and language
All trainers and materials are accredited. The training is provided by and English speaking trainer using materials and exams in English.

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