MoP® Practitioner in English

The course is held with a Danish trainer, while course materials and exams are in English.
The intensive Management of Portfolios (MoP) Practitioner course provides the participants with a detailed explanation of all the necessary steps needed to define and deliver a portfolio of initiatives. It explores the Best Practice principles that an organization needs in order to ensure successful portfolio management. The MoP manual provides a detailed overview of the techniques that you will need to organize and prioritize initiatives as well as a framework for controlling their delivery, including benefits, risks and resource management. A MoP Practitioner certificate will be awarded to participants upon completion and passing of the final exam. 

Course Objectives 
Understanding the relation between portfolio management and its contribution to organizational changes 
Overview as to how portfolio management links to program-, project- and change management 
Understanding the benefits of portfolio management 
Insight into how the scope of the portfolio is defined as well as tools that are useful for collecting portfolio information across the organization  
Understanding the underlying factors that define the exit/entry criteria for the portfolio and identifying how these are communicated effectively to relevant stakeholders 
Acquire knowledge about how information flows are created between projects, programmes, initiatives of change and the portfolio and how to ratify this information towards new strategic objectives  
Acquire knowledge about how to establish reporting structures that ensure portfolio information is used when reviewing new project ideas and when defining the relationships between projects and the initiatives of change 
Passing the MoP Practitioner exam 

Course Benefits  
Participation in the MoP Practitioner course will provide you with in-depth knowledge on the best practice principles and processes that will help you define and deliver a portfolio. You will learn valuable techniques for analysing and prioritizing initiatives of change, as well as reporting tools that will ensure effective progress reporting to stakeholders. Furthermore, you will also acquire an understanding of how existing processes for controlling risk, finances, resources and communication within the organization can be applied in the context of portfolio management. 
This course is of relevance if either you or your organization require a structured and practice-oriented approach to portfolio management, based on the Best Practice principles. You may either be a manager who is involved in the strategic decision-making, have a supportive role or be part of a support-team which requires a detailed understanding of the various aspects of portfolio management.  

Prerequisites for participating 
It is recommended that you have an understanding of the strategic planning and decision-making processes within your organization, as you can be asked to work with different elements from your own organization during the course. You must have passed the MoP Foundation exam to participate.

Course Preparation 
Approximately three weeks prior to the start of the course you will receive a pre-course workbook with reading instructions and exercises. The workbook consists of an introduction to MoP, exercises as well as indications to the required readings in the manual. We strongly encourage you to go through the pre-study workbook before the start of the course. The pre-course work-load is approximately 15 hours. 

Course structure
The programme is held as a two-day intensive course with teaching taking part from 9.00 – 16.00 on both days with evening work included. All participants are expected to actively contribute to discussions and exercises during the course. The theoretical part of the course will be reviewed in a practical context with supplementing examples. Mock exams will be provided for further practice. 
The course is finished off with a three hour exam. The exam aims at testing your knowledge of the methodological principles discussed during the course. The exam is based on a case and consists of four main questions and additional sub-questions. 40 points out of a maximum of 80 are needed to pass the exam. The exam is open-book and participants can bring the manual/course materials with them. The MoP Practitioner exams are conducted on paper, as our trainers have deemed this the most suitable for the participants.  
In case English is not your mother-tongue or primary language, extra time for the exam can be allocated. It is up to the trainer to make the final decision based on the guidelines provided by the exam institution. The exam institution marks all exams and will provide participants with their result and e-certificate (only applicable to those who pass the exam) within two weeks after finishing the exam.  

Course Content 
Scope and purpose of portfolio management in practise and how it differs from programme- and project management 
Benefits of using portfolio management 
Sharing and using best practises
The context that portfolio management operates within and how to further develop the portfolio management framework 
The principles of successful portfolio management 
Approaches to the implementation, consideration of factors that are needed to ensure progress and the determination of whether portfolio management works satisfactorily  
Purpose and content of portfolio documentation 
Roles and responsibilities within portfolio management framework
MoP Practitioner exam preparation 
Review of common exam questions related to key areas of the MoP course material/manual 

Trainer and language 
Our trainers are highly experienced consultants who provide advice and/on assistance in relation to project, programme and portfolio management. They have extensive experience in this field and bring a high level of practical and theoretical knowledge to the course. Our trainers and course materials are accredited by the exam institution. 
The course is held in Danish while certificates, manuals and course materials are in English.  

Price Includes 
MoP pre-course workbook (in English)
Comprehensive course materials that are useful for future referencing 
MoP Practitioner exam 
Refreshments and meals during the course 

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