MSP® Foundation in English

This course is only held as a company course. The open course will be in Danish, but with English material and English exam.

MSP Foundation is an intensive course which aims at giving you a detailed knowledge of the MSP method as well as enabling your successful completion of the MSP Foundation exam.

Learning Objectives
• Gain in-depth insights into how to use the method in practical terms
• Develop a thorough understanding of Best Practice
• Pass the MSP Foundation exam
• Lay a firm Foundation knowledge to allow you to move onto Practitioner Level

Course Benefits
Participating in MSP course will give you a detailed knowledge of the MSP method. You will also gain knowledge about the principles and flow of a programme, and the opportunity to test your methodical skills through exercises. Upon successful completion of your exam, you will receive the MSP Foundation qualification.

Participant Profile
This course is relevant, if you want a thorough knowledge of the MSP method and either individually or organisation wide want a controlled approach to programme management and working at a strategic level. You are involved in programmes as e.g. programme manager, programme delegates, or experienced project executive.

Participant Requirements

This course focuses on process oriented programme management using the MSP method and knowledge of project work would be to your personal advantage.

Course Content

• Introduction to MSP
Definition of a programme, and the basic components which make up an MSP programme
• MSP Principles
Overview of the seven principles which form the framework of the MSP method and how the principles are applied during the programme lifecycle
• MSP Themes
Overview of the nine management themes of the MSP method and how each theme supports management of programmes, risks and quality.
• MSP Lifecycle
Review of the stages of a programme
• MSP exam preparation
Review of typical exam questions, mapped against key areas of the MSP manual.
How to structure your time during the exam.
Test exams marked and feedback given by the trainer.

Course Structure
The course is an intensive daytime course.
Day 1–3 are Foundation level.
Day 4–5 are Practitioner level.
You will receive a welcome email confirming the level(s) you have registered for.
As participant you are expected and encouraged to contribute actively during the course activities which will alternate between theoretical reviews and exercises. Theory will be discussed in relation to practical examples. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to rehearse test exams.
The 3-day Foundation course concludes with a 60 minute long Foundation exam. The exam consists of a multiple choice paper of 75 questions without any books or other aids. In order to pass the exam, you must have 35 correct answers out of 75. You will receive your exam result immediately after the exam. Upon a successful result, you will subsequently receive your certificate by mail.
The 2-day Practitioner course concludes with a 2½ hour long Practitioner exam. This exam is based on a case to test your understanding of the principles of the method. The exam consists of 8 questions worth 80 marks in total. A minimum score of 40 marks is required to pass. If English is not your mother-tongue, you can request an extra 40 minutes to answer the exam questions.
PeopleCert will mark your exam papers, and you will usually receive your final result within app. 2 workdays. Your Practitioner certificate will expire after five years, and you can take a re-registration exam within 3-5 years to uphold your certificate.

Course Preparations

Before the course start, you will receive a pre-course workbook including exercises and recommendations of relevant reading in the manual. We recommend that you spend an estimated 20 hours going on preparation for your course.


Our trainers are highly experienced consultants, actively providing advice and assistance in relation to project, programme and portfolio management. This means that they bring both a high level of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the course.
Trainers and course materials are accredited by PeopleCert.
The course is held using course materials and exams in English. The teaching language may be Danish or English, depending on your choice at registration.

Price Includes
• The official MSP manual
• MSP Foundation pre-course workbook (in English)
• Comprehensive course materials useful as a reference guide after the course
• MSP exam(s) according to your course registration
• Lunch, tea and coffee during the course

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