MSP® Practitioner e-learning in English

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is a methodology that comprises a set of principles and processes for use when managing a programme. A programme is made up of a specific set of projects identified by an organisation that together will deliver some defined objective, or set of objectives, for the organisation. The objectives, or goals, of the programme are typically at a strategic level so that the organisation can achieve benefits and improvements in its business operation.
The MSP guidance benefits the organisation and the individual alike.
aUpon completion of the course, you will be a more effective member of a programme team, understanding how your role fits into the wider picture, and how you can help contribute more effectively to the realisation of strategically aligned benefits.
aBy helping to correctly manage a programme your organisation can reduce the level of risk involved and protect your investment in change. The MSP guidance provides you with the framework to effectively manage transformational change, ensuring it’s governance themes and processes are applied appropriately to suit your organisation’s circumstances.
· 12 months online access to the accredited MSP Practitioner course
· Full tutor support plus many additional materials to help put MSP into practice
· MSP Practitioner mock exam revision tool
· MSP Process Map
· Online exam with remote invigilation

· Introduction to MSP Practitioner 
· MSP process model walkthrough 
· Governance and principles
· MSP programme scenario
· Programme organisation simulation
· Business case simulation
· Risk management simulation
· Benefits mapping simulation
· Creating a blueprint simulation
· Quality management simulation
· Planning and control simulation
· Exercises
· Exam technique
· Marking up the MSP manual
· Practitioner exam simulator
· Practice exam papers
· Comprehensive course notes
· Training guide
· Guide to the exam
· Full technical support

This course is intended for organisations or individuals seeking to manage transformational change or those seeking a professionally recognised qualification, such as:
· Programme managers 
· Senior managers who will ‘sponsor’ the change, or perhaps be held accountable for its success
· Operational managers charged with embedding the change in their area
· Operational staff undertaking a role in the programme or related projects
· Programme office staff (PMO) wishing to build upon their project management knowledge
· Experienced project managers
· Those seeking a professional qualification in programme management

· Objective testing
· Eight questions per paper
· 80 marks available in total
· 40 marks required to pass – 50%
· Two-and-a-half hours duration
· Open book (only the MSP guide is allowed) 

In order to sit the MSP Practitioner examination you must have passed the MSP Foundation examination.
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