PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner in English

The intensive PRINCE2 Agile course combines the structural PRINCE2 method with the flexibility of agile concepts such as Scrum and Kanban, in order to enable you, as a project manager, to be able to deliver a complete and agile project management model.  
As a project manager time is costly and limited. Hence, the course is held over three intense days and finished off with an exam on the last day. 

Course Objectives 
Understanding the purpose and relevance of combining PRINCE2 and the agile ways of working 
Applying or tailoring the PRINCE2 principles, themes, processes and management products to a project in an Agile context 
Identifying and understanding how agile methods can be applied within the framework of PRINCE2 projects
Evaluating PRINCE2 themes within projects seen from an agile perspective 
Fixing and flexing the six performance targets within a project 
Preparing for and passing the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam 

Course Benefits
Upon completion of the course you will be able to apply the PRINCE2 agile methods in real-life projects. Factors such as individual project management experience, the complexity of the project and the organisation’s support of the PRINCE2 Agile method will affect the extent to which the projects can be controlled using the PRINCE2 Agile methods. 
A PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certificate will be provided upon passing the exam. 

Participant Profile
You are a project manager, experienced with the PRINCE2 methods or working with integration of project management and execution. Furthermore, employees responsible for agile project reporting, support or execution will also find the course relevant. 

Course Prerequisites 
Certification obtained in either the PRINCE2 Foundation, PRINCE2 Agile Foundation or IPMA (D, C, B or A), PMP, or CAPM program(s) is needed for participating in this course. 

Course Preparation 
Roughly three weeks before course start you will receive a preparation package including materials, a sample exam and an email with all relevant practical information. The pre-course workload is approximately 15 – 20 hours. 

Course Structure 
The course is held with three days of intensive teaching from 9.00 – 16.00 and a finishing exam on the last day. Accommodation is not included. 
Be advised that participants also are expected to complete evening work. 
Participants are also strongly encouraged to contribute to activities during the course which will include theoretical and practical exercises and reviews. Theory will be reviewed in relation to practical examples and you will have the opportunity to test your progress on sample exam papers. 
The concluding PRINCE2 Agile exam consists of a case with appendixes and 50 questions. Each question is worth one point and a minimum of 30 (60%) is needed in order to pass the exam. It is prohibited to bring the PRINCE2 manual to the exam, however, you can bring the PRINCE2 Agile manual.  
The exam is conducted on paper as our trainers have deemed this the most suitable option. 

Course Content 
Consolidation of PRINCE2 knowledge and structure in an agile context, primarily with focus on the seven processes and their application in projects 
PRINCE2 principles and themes are evaluated in relation to agile concepts such as Scrum and Kanban 
Relating principles, processes and themes to real-life project scenarios 
PRINCE2 Agile exam preparation
Review of typical exam questions, related to respective key areas of the PRINCE2 Agile manual 
Sample exams including feedback 
Effectively making use of the exam-time 
PRINCE2 Agile exam
The exam institution corrects all papers and posts the results directly to you within two working days. Upon successful completion of the exam you will also receive your e-certificate. 

Our trainers are highly experienced consultants, actively providing advice and assistance in relation to project, programme and portfolio management. This means that they bring both a high level of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the course. Trainers and course materials are accredited by the exam institution.
The course is held in Danish, using course and examination materials in English.

Prince Includes 
PRINCE2 Agile pre-course workbook and one sample exam (in English)
Comprehensive course materials available for future referencing 
PRINCE2 Agile exam 
Food and beverages during the course 

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