The Goal with IPMA project management

Ipma projektledelse uddannelsesforløbet

The Goal

This educational program seeks to expand the participant’s theoretical qualifications about project management by letting the participants, and their level of experience, contribute to the course.

The purpose is to teach them about reflection in order to develop their competencies as project managers.

The course is based on theory written by Bjarne Kousholt in his books: ‘Project Management Theory and Practice’, ‘The Project Manager’s Formula Collection’ as well as excerpts from the book ‘The Project’s Steering Committee’ and the IPMA book ‘Competences in Project Management’ supplemented by other relevant articles.



The duration of the course is 24 weeks and a total of six modules involving 11 attendance days; eight full days and three half days.

It is also possible to complete the course in a shorter form adapted to an IPMA D certification. In this case, the duration will be 7½ days.

Our instructors are project managers themselves which enable them to share relevant experiences from their everyday life as project managers with the participants.

The course elements are presented and composed based on individual assignments and case exercises that are solved in groups and subsequently presented and discussed in plenary.

Halfway in the course, the IPMA self-assessment is actively used to motivate and inspire the participants in relation to the completion of the individual IPMA application.



Throughout the program, the participant‘s individual experiences, challenges and results will be implicated to enable him/her to become acquainted with a method to develop the participant’s desired qualification areas.

In order to ensure this, Peak works with a specific strategy named “positive development”.

This strategy guarantees that, upon completion of the program, the participants will be well equipped to identifying personal competencies and to subsequently creating new plans of action, both for themselves and in connection with projects.

During the program, the participants will experience a development going from the level of understanding to the level of reflection.

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