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As a Half Double Institute partner, we at Peak Consulting Group are ready to advise you and help implement the agile Half Double tools in your organisation.

What is Half Double?

Half Double is a new project methodology that focuse on creating flow, impact, and leadership in projects. The combined hybrid between traditional project management and an agile approach has been shown to significantly increase the success rate in the projects that used this method.

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In connection with the project “Better response for all children” at Children’s Welfare (Børns Vilkår), one of Peak’s consultants joined in the initial phase to implement the Half Double method so that the project would have a more significant impact more quickly.


At Peak Consulting Group, we have hundreds of thousands of work hours with complex project management and maturation of project organisations behind us.


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See the research results from Aarhus University.

Since 2015, Aarhus University has followed 16 pilot projects in companies such as Siemens, Coloplast, SAS and Terma. The pilot projects have all used Half Double.

Of the pilot projects have a higher performance
have a medium performance
have a lower performance
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