Stenhus High School

This is Where You'll find the Probably Youngest Project Managers in Denmark

This is Where you Find the Probably Youngest Project Managers in Denmark: Stenhus Gymnasium

In collaboration with Stenhus High School, Peak has trained the probably youngest, certified project managers to date. This collaboration was set in motion to better prepare the students for a higher education as well as for work later in life.

Peak Consulting Group has just certified the probably youngest project managers in Denmark. In collaboration with Stenhus High School in Holdbæk, Peak has conducted a PRINCE2 project management course for interested high school students, whom can now write their first certification on their resumes. The man behind the idea is Lars Møllegaard Lauritzen, who is a partner at Peak.

PRINCE2 is a widely recognized approach to project management and thousands of Danes have gradually been certified in the method. What strikes me is that this certification almost always takes place, once you are well on your way with your career. In reality, it should happen much sooner, says Lars Møllegaard Lauritzen.


Today, many educational programmes are built around teamwork, the ability to structure ones’ time and to manage many activities simultaneously. These skills are precisely some of the things that PRINCE2 helps you with by providing a system or structure, notes Lars Møllegaard Lauritzen.

While studying, many students often have student jobs that demand structure and the ability to see the bigger picture, which is precisely the reason why the idea emerged; to introduce high school students to the PRINCE2-tools earlier than normally.

PRINCE2 is often a course that your boss grants you access to as part of an employees’ further education. In these cases, you must, oftentimes, deter your bad habits to make room for new, better habits taught in the course, says Lars Møllegaard Lauritzen.

Over the course of three days, the students completed a standard PRINCE2-course, which concluded in an exam. The course was conducted for a selection of students across all three grades, and participation was voluntary.

All the students passed the exam with an impressive amount of points and was simultaneously registered in the PRINCE2’s international database of certified candidates. The idea is to foreshadow the students through-out the next couple of years, to uncover whether or not the students have used their newly acquired knowledge within project management to schoose a further education or secure a student job.