Meet colleagues working with public digitalization, projects, portfolio management programs, change management and profit realization.

In the Peak Consultation Groups KnowHow Network, you meet colleagues working with public digitalization.
Know – You share professional knowledge with network participants and speakers about digitalization themes, initiatives and projects that point forward.

How – You share experiences with network participants and speakers about challenges and opportunities for success in implementing digitization processes.

Network content is agreed upon time after time, and you help affect the network’s activities. In 2016, focus will be on presentations and discussions on change management and realization of gains, the new joint public and communal digitalization strategies and action plans, the sale of these to portfolios, programs and projects in the individual authorities and the professional implementation of programs and projects.

Join the Peak Consulting Group’s network of public digitalization
The network meets 4 times a year. The meetings take place in Copenhagen in the morning or afternoon and last for 2-3 hours. Participation is free. Between meetings, it is possible to share knowledge and experience through the KnowHow Group on LinkedIn.

The target group is digitization managers and consultants, portfolio program and project managers employed by public authorities and working with digitization.