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Peak Consulting will be your preferred agile partner. We begin with you and your organisation and help you where you are on your agile journey.

We advise from strategy to execution; we understand our customers and where they are going. We can provide a single consultant or an entire team. We can contribute with agile advice, consulting services, education and a network with the most experienced companies and consultants. We familiarise ourselves with our customers’ culture and needs and take a starting point exactly where you are. Not in a theoretical textbook or a particular agile framework.

Learn more about the agile spread in Denmark

In recent years, the transition to agile methods has accelerated.

For the second year in a row, we at Peak Consulting Group have chosen to determine just how far Danish companies have come with the agile transformation across the private and public sector. In addition to gaining a better understanding of the current situation in different industries, the aim was to create know knowledge and reflections that can inspire our customers when working on their execution skills.

The 2020 edition touches on topics such as: § Diffusion of agile methods, choice of framework and companies’ maturity in the field § Goals and Gains from agile transformations § challenges in performing roles and scaling § Agile delivery teams and their cooperation with the operating organisation and external parties.

We understand the agile market and can help you with the challenges you face. Together with you, we will crack the most difficult agile dilemmas.

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At Peak Consulting Group, we have the most extensive range of agile courses. We host both open and internal courses. Get certified within one of SAFe’s many courses or see our other exciting agile courses. Whether onsite, online or a combination – we can help you. is Denmark’s new agile community.

Agile thinkers and practitioners gather to share their experiences from danish organisations on common platform. You can read along or even share your own agile inputs.

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