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 IT Service Management covers all IT-operation and support processes and covers day-to-day operational processes, such as problem and solution management, software control and distribution.

This also includes tactical processes such as service agreements and capacity planning. IT Service Management provides a framework from which one can implement one or more processes at a time according to your company’s needs.

The IT department must focus on IT being delivered on the business premises

Lars Møllegaard Lauritzen, Responsible for IT Service Management at Peak
Implementation of professional system management:
  1. Adaptation/implementation of roles, responsibilities, and competency model
  2. Adaptation/implementation of a framework for professional system management
  3. Advice and sparring for digitalisation managers, system owners and employees.
Liquidation of system management:.
  1. Interim management of system management
  2. Successful transfer of the project to the IT operations 
Maturation of system management:
  1. Maturity measurement of system management and action plans
  2. ITIL training of managers, system owners and employees involved in system management
  3. Establishment of the service catalogue

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