Benefit Management

Benefits Realisation

Do you know the difference between realising benefits and “just” saving money – AND do you need to get actual value from your investment in projects?


Peaks annual survey on benefits realisation in Denmark shows that less than half of the firms, who participated in the survey, realise their expected benefits. Other studies even report numbers as low as 10 – 15%.

The problem often stems from the fact that the focus of the project lies with generating the deliveries of the project. As a result, the problem that should have been solved, and the benefits that should have been achieved, are forgotten. This issue concerns the steering committee, the project team as well as the organisation, whom are responsible for applying these deliveries.

The problem with this is that:

  • No one can remember exactly why the project was created
  • The project doesn’t solve the problem, which was the reason why the project was created in the first place
  • The project doesn’t get terminated, if it’s not relevant anymore
  • The deliveries do not fit the need in the organisation
  • The organisation is not adequately prepared for receiving the deliveries
  • The benefits are not realised
  • In short: resources for millions of Danish crowns are wasted in private and public companies each year. EVEN when the projects may comply with both the time frame and the budget.

We start where you and your organisation are at. When Peak helps organisations with realising the value of their projects, we do it by considering the organisations’ situation, experience and maturity. That is why you will receive practical, usable and pragmatic tools that will help you in real time – that can also be developed further, as your maturity increases.

Regardless of whether you lack a common understanding or language regarding benefits realisation, want to build a new business initiative or whether you wish to improve your methods in general, we are more than happy to provide consulting on how you can get started.