7 out of 10 change-projects in organisations fail, including the realisation of the benefits!


In too many-change projects, business managers and employees are neglected.

The main focus of the project is the technical deliveries rather than the management of the change process that is necessary in order for managers, employees and customers to use the deliveries on a timely and satisfyingly high level.

The price for underestimating the management of the change process is high. Employees and managers, who do not understand the change, who lack motivation and who have not been adequately trained, can pose as opponents or threats to the coming change. This will in turn result in launch problems when the solutions are to be used. Consequently, the business will experience undue loss of productivity before, during and after the launch. Moreover, the experience of the “inadequate process” can be reflected negatively in the business and reduce adaptability of the change.

Peak Consulting Group can help businesses and organisations with creating actual change


Based on our wide experience from working with some of the major Danish companies as well as a best practice toolbox within the field, we can help your organisation with clearly defining roles and responsibilities as well as providing a structure that supports change activities. In this way you will achieve a much better success rate and realise your business case.

By assessing your unique conditions and challenges, we can, in collaboration with you, identify relevant actions that can enhance your approach to securing effective change – whether it is related to the individual change project/programme or your company’s general ability to implement new things.

Change management is an interplay between many actors within the organisation. Peak Consulting Group offer a wide range of activities that can lift the competences of your relevant target groups.

Do you believe that the future belongs to those that are able to act in response to change in your surroundings?

Contact Peak Consulting Group if you are interested in discussing how your organisation can become better at creating actual change.