Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

We help our clients with establishing, as well as creating overviews and a foundation for decision making across their projects and programmes.

We ensure that the portfolio supports the strategic goals of the organisation – from profitability to market share or faster deliveries.

In order to do so, we analyse the links between projects and programmes of portfolios, business cases, resource capacity and the need for reporting. Moreover, we have substantial experience with completing these analyses in record time and without disrupting the daily operations.

IT Support of Project-, Portfolio- and Governance Processes

We help you with establishing an infrastructure of the project as well as a support organisation, which ensures sustenance, efficiency and consistency in the work method in order to help maintain an overview of activities in the project.

Based on our extensive experience within the best practice domain of project- and portfolio management (PPM) systems, we can assist with running workshops, manage the supplier selection process and lead the implementation of the PPM system.