Accelerate your it-sourcing process

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We know the IT market, the players and the strategies

In Peak, we are experts in multi-sourcing, where agreements with multiple IT suppliers are to be established or revised, which will each fulfill their specific tasks in the IT value chain – ideally in interaction with each other and with the company.

Our management consultants have extensive experience with IT operations, development and maintenance, from both sides of the table. This means that we are able to design an IT sourcing process that is significantly shorter than one otherwise sees.

Rigid and Flexible – We establish fixed frameworks, structures and languages ​​around the work with the various sourcing offering that ensures high speed. Our starting point In your professionalism and in your employees’ competencies we expect to possess the necessary retail knowledge to define content and requirements in the individual sourcing offerings, especially knowledge about your IT and business needs

Peak’s consultancy team complements relevant market experience and, if necessary, the involvement of additional Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). At the same time, we expect the circumstances to change, including when making an assessment of existing material, so the process itself must be flexible and adapt to these on a regular basis.

Paced work – We know that your IT employees are having a busy day-to-day management of daily operations and especially when the sourcing initiatives begin to roll out seriously. Therefore, we set up a pace-based workform where we try to maintain ongoing momentum in the work process and create a steady pace that simplifies, inter alia, coordination. We are pleased to schedule 2 workshop days a week, where we get your employees’ input. From time to time, the core team uses to assemble and organize the following workshops and make final procurement material.

Broad involvement – We believe that broad involvement helps to create the best results and the best basis for a subsequent anchoring of the individual agreements.

Recycling of existing material – Based on our presentation, we need to process some existing material from existing agreements, as experience is always necessary, but it appears to be of high quality and recyclable value, the individual procurement processes can be settled faster.