The content of Peak’s programme-office-in-a-box solution allows you to focus on creating business value

Almost all have 1-2 running programs, and spend unnecessary time and resources establishing and operating them, as too many organizations are not a strategic competence.

A program office that supports the programme and its management

Peaks Programme Office-in-a-Box is an operational tool based on theoretical knowledge, transformed custom and refined into a truly operationally proven set of compliant tools – it helps you from the outset and ensures that you maintain the focus on your business value creation.

Through a professional programme office collaboration, risks can be minimized and start-up times shortened on new programmes

Starting a program takes 3-6 months and costs 1 to 2 million DKK.

Through a consistent application of Peak’s programme office-in-a-box, organizations can reduce start-up time and costs, and a fully-fledged programme office could have a significant impact on risk minimization by implementing most programs and Projects.

Get your programme back on track

We often experience programmes throughout their lifetime that the business case is under pressure because time and costs have slowed significantly, but where there is still a belief that the programme can deliver value.

Through Peak’s programme-office-in-a-box, there are strategies, governance and IT tools that can be scaled to get your programme back on track.

The content is picked out to meet your needs. It may be that you want to increase focus on risk management, benefit management or progress. There may be some new needs for other areas in connection with changes in the market, new functionality requirements or other influential factors.

What’s in the box?