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MSP® Foundation & Practitioner in English

This course is only held in English as a company course. The open course will be in Danish, but with English material and English exam – click here to see course dates.

The requirements for programme management have never been greater. And when taking the global digitalisation, high-speed changes, and the increased focus on agility into account, it is only natural that a best practice like Managing Successful Programmes is updated. With MSP, you are equipped to lead programs in a modern and ever-changing world. Peak Consulting Group is among the first to introduce the updated MSP version 5 to the Danish market. This means that you will now get the latest version on our intensive course, which gives you a comprehensive knowledge about MSP, enables you to pass the MSP Foundation exam and not least equips you with tools to implement a proven and effective best practice in your organisation

What does the update include?
Read more about this under MSP Foundation.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss and understand MSP’s approach to programme management by building on participants own experiences and knowledge related to implementing significant changes.
• Apply MSP to several of contexts, prepare of programme documentation and create a well-functioning programme organisation. 
• Preparation for Foundation and Practitioner exam 

Course Benefits

The MSP Foundation and Practitioner course will give you a thorough knowledge of the MSP method, which you can use actively in your work as a programme manager or programme employee. You will also gain an understanding of the principles and the flow of a program as well as the opportunity, with the use of exercises, to test your skills. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive an MSP Foundation and Practitioner certification.

Participant Profile

This course is relevant if you want an in-depth knowledge of MSP, and you, either individually or as an organisation, seek a controlled approach to programme management and dealing with programmes. You are involved in programmes as e.g., a programme manager, responsible for all or parts of the program’s management disciplines, a programme employee or an experienced project manager.

Participant Requirements

The course focuses on understanding process-oriented programme management according to MSP, and therefore it will be an advantage if you have practical work experience within programme or project management.

Course Structure

The course is an intensive 5-day daytime course without overnight accommodation. As a participant, you are encouraged to actively contribute during the course, which will alternate between theoretical reviews and exercises. The theory will be reviewed with practical examples. You will also have the opportunity to test your progress against test exam papers. 

Course Content
• Introduction to MSP and definition of a programme and the basic components an MSP programme consists of. 
• Overview of the principles that form the foundation in MSP, as well as how the 7 principles are used during the programme’s life cycle.
• Overview of the seven management themes in MSP and how each theme supports programmes, risks, and quality assurance
• MSP-life cycle: A review of the processes in a programme
• MSP Foundation exam preparation with a review of typical exam questions related to key areas of the MSP manual.
• How to structure your exam time.
• Review of mock exams and feedback on these. 

Course Preparations
Approximately three weeks before the start of the course, you will receive the MSP manual as well as a pre-course workbook for Foundation and Practitioner. The pre-course workbook consists of tasks you need to do before starting the course and recommendations of relevant reading in the manual. We recommend that you have read the manual and pre-course workbook, which is expected to take about 30 hours.


Our trainers are highly experienced consultants, actively providing advice and assistance in relation to project, programme, and portfolio management. They bring both a high level of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the course. Teachers and materials are accredited by the examination institute. A danish accredited teacher runs the course. Certification, manual and materials are in English.

The course includes a Foundation and Practitioner exam, which is held on the course third day (Foundation) and fifth day (Practitioner).

Foundation exam:
• 60 minutes duration
• It consists of 60 multiple choice questions
• To pass you will need to answer 36 question correctly.
• The exam is online, closed book and you need to bring your own computer.  

Practitioner exam:
• Two-and-a-half hours’ duration
• To pass you will need to answer 42 questions correctly.
• It consists of 70 questions.
• The exam is paper based and with aids 

Price Includes
• Official MSP-manual and MSP Foundation and Practitioner pre-course workbook in English
• Comprehensive course materials useful as a reference guide after the course
• MSP Foundation and Practitioner exam
• Lunch, tea and coffee during the course

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