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Project Management for Researchers

This course focuses on the primary tools necessary for project management and you will, upon completion of the course, immediately be able to apply these tools to your own research projects. 

Course Benefits 
You will gain knowledge and become aware of the different stakeholders that play a part in managing a project and at the same time, be able to communicate effectively with these stakeholders.
The course also focuses on the project management tools that play a part in raising funds for projects and how these tools are part of the fundraising process. 

Participant Profile 
This course is aimed at professors, lecturers, assistant professors, post
graduates and PhDs who wish to obtain even greater success with their research projects. Furthermore, the course is suitable for both researchers who work alone and those who work collectively as part of a greater research project or research group. 
Staff that play a supporting role (TAP-personnel) on research projects will also find this course suitable. We encourage both groups to participate in the same course, as to obtain the same understanding and knowledge of project management. 

Our trainers are highly experienced consultants, actively providing advice and assistance in relation to project management. They bring both a high level of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the course. The course is held in English and the material is also in English.

Course Structure 
The course is held over three intense days from 9.00 – 17.00. Accommodation is not included. 
Participants are also strongly encouraged to contribute to activities during the course which will include theoretical and practical exercises and reflections. Theory will also be reviewed in relation to practical examples. 

Course Content 
An introduction to projects 
How to work with projects and the key to running a successful project 
Goal/objective-setting and project description 
Stakeholder management 
Rational vs irrational perspectives on project management 
Milestone planning 
Activity planning and estimation 
Risk management 
Project organization 
Communication within projects 
The role of the project manager 

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21 jun - 23 jun 2022


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